Apr. 1st, 2009

I"ve taken the photos down, for respect for Ian. Last night one of the "Chumps" apologized on Ian's facebook, not sure if it's because he's really sorry or scared at this point.
Ian has lots of friends that are mad about what happened. And maybe the police have contacted them.


Apr. 1st, 2009 11:28 pm
Ok so when we were in the Canberra Hospital Emergency on Sunday, the doctor told us about Ian's broken bone. At that point he told me he was going to put a splint on until he could get to outpatient to get a "real cast" on. He had a girl put a plaster cast on Ian and gave us a referral letter. When he handed me the letter he pointed out the phone Number and told me to give them a ring in the morning to book Ian in.

Monday Morning I called the number and was told that I shouldn't be calling them that they call me when the paperwork arrives. She took Ian's name and our contact number and said she would call back in the afternoon. Tuesday morning I rang them again, I was told look it's only been sunday that you were seen (like I shouldn't expect to see them so soon). I explained that the doctor told me Ian needed a cast and they would be doing that for us. Again I was told that they had not received the paper work. Now this is in the same building how long does it take for the paper work to travel from one part to another? I've even told them I have the paper work can't I just bring it in? NO i was told quite rudely.
She said leave it with me and I will get right back to you. So this morning I called again. I told them that Ian's cast was causing him pain, sharp edges and you could move it up and down on his hand, so he took it off!
She came back to me and told me point blank....He should not have done that! You will need to go back to ER and have them put another on. WHY? WHY not put the new one on and save time and man hours and resources. Then she told me she was transferring the call. A woman answered and I began to tell our story again. This woman said you are talking to the wrong person and hung up on me.

Am I supposed to give up?

What happens to Ian's hand?



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