Oh and here is a link to an Analysis posted in the Washingon post

I enjoyed reading it Maybe you will also
I guess this is an answer to a question.

Early Monday morning, a Twitterer sent a message to his 108 followers: "Running a proxy? Are you sure it's helping? Test it using instructions here." Twitterers are also instructing each other to change their location to Tehran to throw off the Iranian authorities targeting Twitter users in the country. Last week David Jenkins, a 45-year-old computer analyst from Canada, changed the location in his Twitter account from Ontario to Tehran.

Also on Twitter they are asking people to DDos Iranian government websites, there is a firefox extension that auto refreshes. So If you open a tab and sit on one of these websites it will close it down for a few hours (that's many people doing it at the same time though). Since I see about 1000 updates a minute on Twitter I'm sure there are many people doing these things. It all comes down to a way to protest without being there I guess. It's amazing to see so many involved.
Anyone on Twitter, set your location to "Tehran" and your time zone to GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut Iranians' access to the internet down. Cut & paste & pass it on

It's just a small thing you CAN do to help keep the lines open.
Ian's 18 today!!!
Now he can Vote, drink, and or die for one of his two countries. PFFT!
But really it's a red letter day for him.
Well in the morning we are off, don't think I'll have time to log on but back in about 4 weeks!
I can't wait to see all 3 of my sons together again!

Hugs and Loves to all
I can't tell you how exciting this is. Mom, Torfinn & Emilie, and the big event IVER!
Iver is getting his degree next Friday, and I will be there to see him get it. I know this
time is going to go far to fast, and I hope my friends understand that I really need to
spend time with my family (mainly my mom and kids), I miss them so much.....However we hope to have a
get together in a park somewhere on the 17th (a Sunday) so everyone please contact
me by email or leave your phone # where I can find it.

We are Coming Home! =)
Twittery dee Twittery dumb, yes if you can't bet them join them

  • 19:16 It's cold, however there are so many exciting things happening that I feel warm this evening. #
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Twittery dee Twittery dumb, yes if you can't bet them join them

  • 14:56 one of the best parts of living in Australia is looking up at the beautiful blue gradient sky with white tuffs just floating across #
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Twittery dee Twittery dumb, yes if you can't bet them join them

  • 06:39 I believe the reality of travelling to the states is sinking in. I'm more excited then I thought I would be. Hard to sleep #
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Ok being the airhead I can me

someone please tell me the name of the file that is my lj backup, I don't remember what software it was =( I wanna look at my 1st post.
The autumn days are beautiful here
I took this Yesterday in the back yard of our friend Sue. She put on a wonderful Barbaque for the Masses. She has the most beautiful yard to relax in.
here is just a small example

This is what I do when I'm bored.
I took this photo the other night from our driveway, I didn't focus on just the moon but I loved the lights and the stars. Then I just mucked around in photoshop with filters. I could have pasted a more clear moon but I like it the way it is
 After doing some extensive research I have decided that I am very impressed with Centipedes. They are welcome to hang out in my yard if they like as long as they don't come in my house.

They are aggressive hunters that eat things like cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders ( I like my outdoor spiders though). I also learned that they are nocturnal, but it's strange that they are in my area because they like wet. They need water to stay moist or they dry out quickly. So it's really odd that they would be in a place like Canberra.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend. Stay safe and like me eat plenty of chocolate. =)
Not just your normal little crawlies but these two were respectfully 5 and 7 inches long (7 inch = 17.78 centimeter)
one was on the shelf in our garage and the other was looking for a way to get in our house on our front porch.
I have a feeling that there might be more around, and this scares me!
I almost forgot to post this.
Ian and I were waiting for his appointment at the Hospital Outpatient waiting room, picture a large room with rows of chairs all facing the TV, Maybe 30 to 40 people (Men, Women, teens, young children).
I was people watching and every once and awhile I would glance up at the tv on the wall. I didn't really pay attention to what show it was but it was mid-day (1 in the afternoon). I glance up and on the TV was a couple completely naked going at it, in fact she was on top with her breasts bouncing the camera was panned out so there wasn't much to miss. I looked at Ian and he had seen it at the same time and we both just started laughing. When we looked back up someone behind us had quietly changed the station, but the weird thing is except for Ian and I no one acted like it was strange. I was shocked

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