Jul. 7th, 2007 09:34 pm
Well the day started out well enough but I could see there was a drizzle in the air outside. When I let maggie out this morning I felt how cold and miserable it was. I decided to get Ian out of bed so I could stuff him with Oatmeal and then planed to give him some sweet carbs before the game to keep him warm. Ian has a cold and wasn't feeling his most energetic, has he was getting ready to run out on the field he looked and me and said he felt sick and tired. It didn't take more then kick off and he was hit really hard, his time on the field was soon to be over even though we only had 14 on our side. He walked off the field holding his right arm. It was so cold!!! I was dressed in layers he was in a thin Jersey with shorts, the damp drizzle didn't help any. Couldn't really tell what was wrong as he had shoulder pads on under his Jersey. He said his arm had pins and needles and just went numb after that. First aid sat with him for several minutes and it was decided that the game was over for him today. Eventually he did have movement in his arm but there was swelling around his clavicle area. She suggested we take him to Emergency. As I came to the hospital Ian said he didn't want to go so we came home and got him undressed and in the shower he went. Yes there is still a lot of swelling and redness but he has been able to move his arm and insists that he needs to go to work tomorrow. I'll see how he feels in the morning, but I'm worried about the nerves in the area. So after all the fun today I have asked Ian to seriously think about the future and if Rugby is worth it.



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