Yesterday after we dropped Ian off at the Cricket game Paul and I went to the local shops and I was waiting for a car to back out so I could get her parking place. She backed up and I was at least two car links behind her, she paused (I thought she was changing gears to go forward) and then she accelerated right into our car with her tow bar. Our whole bumper is ruined! She was under the influence of something ( I think she was drunk) and it was only 9:30 in the morning. She was an American to boot. At least she was honest and gave us her correct info. She kept saying that her foot slipped and she hit the wrong peddle, even if that were true I was still far enough back for her to react and hit the break. I believe Paul and I were there for a reason because if she hadn't had hit our car she would have hit a pedestrian walking in the car park, there were people all around.
I put hot compresses on my eye today, it seems better but it's been tearing tonight. I'm starting to think it's a clogged tear duct.
Today I started walking again, my legs have been aching recently and I don't think it's just the moving and such so anyway I didn't go all the way around our little lake here but did go a good 1/4 of the way and back again. I'm going to make this daily from now on.

And in Australian News headlines:
Govt to arm military with shoot-to-kill powers

Isn't that just lovely?



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