2006-04-11 06:23 pm
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Hill End #9

Lamps Lamps
Many Artists have stayed in the cottage, you never know what you are going to find that they leave behind. This lame was in the room we stayed in.
Falling Falling
how cute is he? This lamp was in the bath room. Yes we had an out door toilet but the shower was really nice in the Cottage I think we all would have fit in at once had we wanted.
2006-04-01 11:03 am
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On the way to Hill End #5

This wind farm is between Bathurst and Blayney on the way to Hill End.
Funny thing about the australian country side is it doesn't change much.

Looks like we found Bonniedoon Looks like we found Bonniedoon

If you have ever seen "The Castle" (a funny australian movie) You will understand the title of this photo.
This was on the way to Hill End
Wind farm Wind farm

I don't know why there aren't millions more wind farms around the world.

2006-04-01 07:54 am
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Hill End Number 4

I still have so many photos that I haven't even uploaded yet.

Closer View Closer View

A true Aussie town in the sense that you really do see Kangaroo's hopping down the middle of Main street.
So Quiet So Quiet

The garden had fig trees and Olives plus other goodies, I should have grabbed a photo of the underside of the rocking chair. Someone had drawn an interesting picture there.

2006-03-31 09:26 pm
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Hill End Number 3

Photos from inside the cottage

Kitchen Chair Kitchen Chair

Tony found this little stuffed toy while staying at the cottage
Interesting Collection of pots and pans Interesting Collection of pots and pans

2006-03-30 06:13 pm
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Hill End

Just a couple more shots from Hill End.
It's a long gravel road to get to Hill End and on the way (even though it was dark) we saw many different animals including some of the tallest Roos I've seen.

The Back door The Back door

Anything could come in this house.
Morning Morning

I wasn't the only one awake.

Remember you can view a larger image by clicking on the photo.
And the photo of the Roos in the mist was not inhanced at all, I just noticed there is a slight rainbow in the photo. It's 100 percent natural
2006-03-29 10:35 pm
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Hill End

Lone winds whisper in the gullies,
Gone are church and pub and store,
Now silence reigns where once,
Ten thousand diggers toiled in days ofyore.
( From Hill End Gold by Malcolm Drinkwater copywrite:1982.)

It would just be to much to show all the photos I want to show you in one go
so I'll do 2 at a time. I did some of them in sepia tone and left the others in color.
Hill end is such a quiet place. The first place that gold was found in Australia. But it was short lived and most of the people left the town after only 2 years.

Sleeping in a Musuem Sleeping in a Musuem

Paul and I snuggled in this tiny bed for 2 nights
Morning has Broken Morning has Broken

Sunrise was so peaceful

If you would like to see the images in a larger size just click on the photo, use your back button to return here.

Oh and if you would like to read about Hill End Artists in Residence Program have a look here http://www.hillendart.com/05-haefligers.html
You can find some of the past artists that have stayed in the Cottage there. Click Current Residents and you can read about Barbara And the cottage (Haefligers' cottage) we stayed in over the weekend. Just do it you know you want to see it!
2006-03-26 10:45 pm
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Hill End

I slept in a Cottage that is a Museum this weekend, it was Magical, I also met Barbara McKay, and she is just awesome!
I have so much to show and say about our adventure but I am pooped and have to work tomorrow so I best
hit the pillow. Here in Aussie did the time change yet????

And I leave you with a photo of my new Painting, Barbara painted it while staying at the Cottage. (news about that also coming) Anyway how beautiful is it. The photo doesn't do it justice.

so much to tell about.