Mar. 10th, 2009

Yes it's great to be able to vote in two countries, and it's pretty cool to know that I can live hassle free in two countries. BUT 
when it comes to traveling back and forth. IT"S just plan SILLY!
I needed a US passport to travel to the states, Ian needs a passport to travel to the states. 75.00 USD for mine 150 USD for Ians because it's his 1st adult passport. (we also needed 3 express post bags @ 12.95 a bag) Ian needs to apply in person in Sydney, so that's a day off work for me and a missed day of school for him.
Ian and I both need an Australian passport to return to Australia and Paul needs a new one because he can't use his Government passport for Private travel. These are a whooping 208.00 each.
International drivers license (lucky for the motor club I get it 50% off) 25.00

Now with all that and missed work it cost more then one of our return air tickets.

What's left will have to pay for the rental car and any motel stays. Looks like I'll be on a diet while in the states.
Upside is at least the US passports are good for 10 years, I'm not sure yet about the Aussie ones.
I just had to post this most recent photo of my mom from my sister Melody.

yes 92 and sweeping the snow off her deck. crazy girl!



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