Mar. 30th, 2009

How do you convince a 17 year old that he is the victim of a crime? Pride is normally a good thing but right now it's in the way of understanding what happened.

The facts are the 1st guy went to hit Ian, Ian blocked the punch and hooked him with a right (Ian is left handed) He hit so hard that he broke the metacarpal bone leading to his
little finger, it's depressed which means he connected hard. So he did defend himself the best he could and the guy went down. The problem came when 2 of the guys hit him from behind, on both sides of the
jaw. Once down Ian remembers trying to get back up but with 3 "wimps" on you it was impossible.
He has bruises all over this skull from the elbows and kicks he received.

This was completely unprovoked, Ian knows his attackers, he was shaking hands with them not 3 minutes before. They all walked out to the parking lot together. Ian's friends whom he went to the party with
were already out in the parking lot getting in the car. They came to pull the "creeps' of Ian as soon as they realised what had happened. Thank god they were out there. This all took place in a matter of seconds.

Ian is BiG He's Tall, he would be a trophy I suppose to take down. But not when it takes 4 people to do it. I hope these guys understand that they didn't make themselves look any better to anyone.
they just made themselves look like 4 wimps.

Ian is just a month away from legal drinking age. He never drinks he just doesn't (no I'm not a mom in denial) I just know he comes home and never smells or shows any signs that he's had any thing to drink.
He doesn't go out much at all, never been one of the kids that has to get out of the house every weekend. But he did drink some vodka cruisers at the party this night. He doesn't really rebell against Paul and I in anyway. He told me before he went out that he was thinking he might drink and not to worry because the person he was riding with had decided he would not drink that evening. He has heaps of friends and gets along with everyone. And I like all his friends that I've met. They are good kids.

Why did these guys suddenly turn on him? I don't know.
I just hate the way Ian feels right now.

also Ian is worried that since he was drinking and under age that it will become a huge issue.
The police are coming to take a statement. Also he might be able to file for compensation.
Two Police officers came to the house, and to be honest I felt they were trying to talk us out of filing a report. They told us if Ian's witnesses didn't see everything that
it wouldn't stand up. They could come back and say Ian started the whole thing.

They then asked us if we wanted to come down to the department and give a statement. Well yes we did. So we were supposed to meet the officers there in 1/2 an hour (12:00), and we were.

WE left at after 11 hours in the hospital, now 5 hours at the police department, and tomorrow a appointment at outpatient. I'm tired of the whole thing If I was working right now this would be a killer.
So now we just wait and see if anything happens or not. I don't have much confidence that anything will come of it.
Oh and to top it all off Ian could be charged for Drinking under age. No wonder people don't want to report crimes.

After Ian gave his statement we had to sit and wait for the doctor. They had their own doctor give Ian an exam and he sat and drew pictures of all the injuries he could find (more then the hospital found btw)
he found several bruises on Ian's skull. Then came the photos. When we went out to the lobby there were some of Ian's friends sitting there. At least I know they are questioning people. Turns out that one of Ian's friends phone was taken by one of the kids that hit Ian. We know because he was stupid enough to call from the phone list and leave obscene messages. And people recognized his voice.

I guess time will tell.



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