Apr. 1st, 2006

I still have so many photos that I haven't even uploaded yet.

Closer View Closer View

A true Aussie town in the sense that you really do see Kangaroo's hopping down the middle of Main street.
So Quiet So Quiet

The garden had fig trees and Olives plus other goodies, I should have grabbed a photo of the underside of the rocking chair. Someone had drawn an interesting picture there.

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein


Apr. 1st, 2006 09:34 am
To all you computer gods

I am having some really odd troubles, 1st being every time I shut down my computer restarts and I have to manually press the button to stop it.

another problem I have having is that twice i've gone into my profile and my thunderbird account is gone, all emails just vanished and it prompts me to do my account all over again also all my bookmarks and info is gone from firefox is there any way I can retrieve my old emails? Not sure why this is happening. =(
This wind farm is between Bathurst and Blayney on the way to Hill End.
Funny thing about the australian country side is it doesn't change much.

Looks like we found Bonniedoon Looks like we found Bonniedoon

If you have ever seen "The Castle" (a funny australian movie) You will understand the title of this photo.
This was on the way to Hill End
Wind farm Wind farm

I don't know why there aren't millions more wind farms around the world.



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